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Why Though     Elissa Washuta     creative nonfiction

Caged     Gerardo Pacheco Matus     poetry

A Beginner’s Guide to Making Kimchi     Olivia Won     creative nonfiction

Wild Oat (avena barbata) // Etymology     Jenne Hsien Patrick     poetry

The Art of Storytelling     Nicole Simonsen     fiction

On My Cherry Wood Coffee Table // Rabbit Poem // The Greatest Brute is Grief     Georgina Marie Guardado     poetry

Grandfather Tree     Trudie Behr-Scott     creative nonfiction

Bite     Steph Sorensen     fiction

What Did Father See in El Desierto? // What Did Father Do after He Left the Cows’ Pen // Are You Making up Father’s Story?    Gerardo Pacheco Matus     poetry

The Last Farmer in the Western Sky    Steven Genise     fiction

The smell of sunscreen     Beulah Vega     poetry

A Sky So Blue     Lisa Piazza     fiction

It’s Not Like I Want to Be a Bad Dog Owner     Kat Lewis     poetry

Photo of Stephanie Lynn Grissom, c. 1983     Jennifer Gagné     creative nonfiction

We Were the Lucky Ones     Morgan Cummings     poetry


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