This back-issue is available as a PDF. Below, we present the table of contents. Select pieces are available on this website.

Diversity      Laurel Moss     memoir

Bearded Lady      Allison Landa     young adult

War Stories     Eden Lorentzen     fiction

What He Has to Do     Ron Morita     flash

The Rules // Metaphor      Annelyse Gelman      poetry

Natural Habitat      Shayna Maci Warner     poetry

Road Trip      Beth Harvey      nonfiction

A Heap of Broken Images      KC Kirkley     fiction

Tomorrow in Australia      Tara Camgros     poetry

Gilbert and Ed Washing the Wheelchairs // Telegraph Avenue Coin-Op      Kathleen McClung      poetry

Crossing Over      Christine Dietrich Cragg      nonfiction

The Fog Eaters      Jan Edwards      fiction

Spaceman      Amanda Coats      fiction

Supergirl      Samantha Durbin      memoir

April 2014      Jasper Nighthawk      poetry

Tea and Vengeance      Marion Deeds      fiction

The Last Winter      Gary Durbin      fiction

Birds of a Feather      Karin C. Uphoff      poetry

Sharing Shade with Gypsies      Nicole Nella      memoir