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Noyo Review is the literary journal of the Mendocino Coast Writers’ Conference, an annual gathering of writers held on the beautiful Mendocino Coast of northern California. All of its editors and those published in its pages are affiliated with the Conference in some way or another—as participants, scholarship winners, keynote speakers, board members, or volunteers.


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The Mendocino Coast Writers’ Conference (MCWC) was founded in 1990 by a group of local writers in Fort Bragg, California. Incarnations of Noyo Review have been part of the Conference almost since the beginning.

The first literary magazine affiliated with MCWC was Todd Point Review. This journal had historically been published at the College of the Redwoods campus in Fort Bragg. Suzanne Byerley, who served both as co-executive director of MCWC and as a professor at College of the Redwoods, relaunched the journal in 1996. Under her leadership, Todd Point Review served in part as the Conference’s literary journal, with an issue every year devoted to publishing the winners of MCWC’s writing contests. Jan Boyd was creative director of the magazine. The last Todd Point Review was published in 2011.

A new MCWC print journal called Noyo River Review was founded in 2012 under the executive directorship of Maureen Eppstein, with Susan Bono as editor-in-chief and Tony Eppstein, Doug Fortier, and Amie McGee serving as the journal’s creative directors. In 2016, executive director Shirin Bridges transitioned Noyo River Review to a print-on-demand format. Under Bono’s editorial direction, Noyo River Review was published as an annual print publication from 2012-2019.

In 2021, under the executive directorship of Lisa Locascio Nighthawk, a circle of editors associated with MCWC relaunched the magazine as an online publication, renaming it Noyo Review in celebration of its latest rebirth. We are honored to carry on the hard work of this magazine’s previous editorial and design teams and hope to make more of our extensive archives available on the internet in the future.