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Spring 2024

The Waiting     Susan Lundgren     fiction

My Heartbreak     Marion Deeds     fiction

My Hula Girl     Tom Adams     fiction

Winter 2023

The Surface of Mars     JC Ross     fiction

Shikata ga nai     Ron Morita     fiction

Winter 2022

Isa’s Trail     Alicia London     fiction

The Soul Takers     Chital Mehta     fiction

You Have to Wake up at Four AM     María Alejandra Barrios     fiction

Breviary     Christina Berke     fiction

House of Honey     Jack Foraker     fiction

Mother Protector     Ron Morita     fiction

The Duration of a Sentence     Sofia Garner     fiction

Summer 2021

The Art of Storytelling     Nicole Simonsen     fiction

Bite     Steph Sorensen     fiction

The Last Farmer in the Western Sky    Steven Genise     fiction

A Sky So Blue     Lisa Piazza     fiction