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Spring 2024

Room for Ghosts     Damieka Thomas     creative nonfiction

Settled for Fitful     Aron Lee Bowe     creative nonfiction

I Am Not Your Juxtaposition     Kaitlin Harness     creative nonfiction

Winter 2023

Legacy     Tijanna O. Eaton     creative nonfiction

The Treachery     Miah Jeffra     creative nonfiction

Going Mental     rose gove     creative nonfiction

I Am Hungry     Lynne Connor     creative nonfiction

A Girl Called Mariah     Dr. Maryam Ghadiri     creative nonfiction

Winter 2022

Hope Hurts     Emily Weber     creative nonfiction

Summer 2021

Why Though     Elissa Washuta     creative nonfiction

A Beginner’s Guide to Making Kimchi     Olivia Won     creative nonfiction

Grandfather Tree     Trudie Behr-Scott     creative nonfiction

Photo of Stephanie Lynn Grissom, c. 1983     Jennifer Gagné     creative nonfiction