Five Poems

  • by http://a%20href=#molongui-disabled-linkLilian%20Caylee%20Wang/a

motherhood What is love if not uprooting yourself to follow impossibilitiescrossing seas and skies to hollow futures吃苦 (eat bitterness) and sun-grazed heartache.You forget your childhood but your mother-tongue clings and clenches. My grandmother used to say that… Read More »Five Poems

Balancing Act

  • by http://a%20href=#molongui-disabled-linkLauren%20Oertel/a

But what do you do when a walkaround the neighborhood meansyou might commit mass murder in mere minutes?I look down, notice a beetle hunting for a meal.A worm wriggles in desperation for the moisture of… Read More »Balancing Act

It Is Time To

  • by http://a%20href=#molongui-disabled-linkAmanda%20Cruise/a

Wake upWake up now It is timeto remember the visionI gave you long ago:feel merunning fast and freenose to the groundsinging loud and clearover old brittle bonesof past lives and past lovers;a howlingwild scented freedomand… Read More »It Is Time To


  • by http://a%20href=#molongui-disabled-linkGerardo%20Pacheco%20Matus/a

a bird made of dust and blue feathers can’t be caged in a tiny match box unless its wings and vertebrae are pinned down with a needle that loves to split flesh

On My Cherry Wood Coffee Table

  • by http://a%20href=#molongui-disabled-linkGeorgina%20Marie%20Guardado/a

For Krisie  a stalk of artichoke stands in a clear vase filled just below halfway cold water paired with sprigs of eucalyptus  I stare        and stare                and stare  waiting for the face of some god to speak… Read More »On My Cherry Wood Coffee Table

The smell of sunscreen

  • by http://a%20href=#molongui-disabled-linkBeulah%20Vega/a

Coppertone blended with gravel andsweat, French-Onion Sunchips, andthe old cracked vinyl from the church van. That van so coated in melted gummy worms andtears, hymns, spoken fears, andunspoken faith in God, humanity, ourselves. The spray… Read More »The smell of sunscreen

We Were the Lucky Ones

  • by http://a%20href=#molongui-disabled-linkMorgan%20Cummings/a

2 AM Monday morningI wake in the night to glance outmy bedroom window. Fire wide as the western hillsand as high a red wall. In the dark it looks like it is half wayacross the field behind… Read More »We Were the Lucky Ones

Wild Oat (avena barbata)

  • by http://a%20href=#molongui-disabled-linkJenne%20Hsien%20Patrick/a

Sliding my fingers along the stalk,                                                        Digging into the water, pushing each teardrop, feather light pod                                                        forward, a boat full with divers pinpricks my hand. Stripping oat stems bare,                                                        excited for the dive, loosening rope sleek, singing. Low gold rushed hills                                                        tied… Read More »Wild Oat (avena barbata)