Five Poems

motherhood What is love if not uprooting yourself to follow impossibilitiescrossing seas and skies to hollow futures吃苦 (eat bitterness) and sun-grazed heartache.You forget your childhood but your mother-tongue clings and clenches. My grandmother used to say that… Read More »Five Poems

Balancing Act

But what do you do when a walkaround the neighborhood meansyou might commit mass murder in mere minutes?I look down, notice a beetle hunting for a meal.A worm wriggles in desperation for the moisture of… Read More »Balancing Act

It Is Time To

Wake upWake up now It is timeto remember the visionI gave you long ago:feel merunning fast and freenose to the groundsinging loud and clearover old brittle bonesof past lives and past lovers;a howlingwild scented freedomand… Read More »It Is Time To


a bird made of dust and blue feathers can’t be caged in a tiny match box unless its wings and vertebrae are pinned down with a needle that loves to split flesh

Wild Oat (avena barbata)

Sliding my fingers along the stalk,                                                        Digging into the water, pushing each teardrop, feather light pod                                                        forward, a boat full with divers pinpricks my hand. Stripping oat stems bare,                                                        excited for the dive, loosening rope sleek, singing. Low gold rushed hills                                                        tied… Read More »Wild Oat (avena barbata)