My Heartbreak

Heartbroken.  I lean back against the black velvet seat of my heartbreak, run my fingers across the rosewood dashboard. When I touch the accelerator, my heartbreak whines to life and rolls forward with the dignity… Read More »My Heartbreak

The Waiting

Richard slid three quarters into the vending machine and weighed his options. There weren’t many. He hadn’t bought anything from one of these machines in a long time. Prices shocked him. $3 for a candy… Read More »The Waiting

My Hula Girl

At first, Sturgis liked telling Thornton the story. He’d been living at the Pedro Point parking lot with his dog since last winter. The best he’d found since they’d been forced from the lot at… Read More »My Hula Girl

Shikata ga nai

In 1934, the snow-covered Sierras peeking over a brown rampart of foothills looked close enough to touch. Our strawberry fields shimmered in the summer heat. Grape trellises shaded tongue-in-groove walls, but the little yellow house… Read More »Shikata ga nai


The first reported incident of a woman eating a man is thought to have occurred in Dallas, late summer, in the home of Mary Hunnam, 35, and her husband, Jonathan, 34. Scholars initially considered this… Read More »Bite