Hope Hurts

My wife, Jo, had a cancer no research hospital could identify. “Only two percent of cancers are of unknown primary origins,” Dr. Rita, her oncologist, informed us. “Christ. I knew being an overachiever would kill… Read More »Hope Hurts


“Someone’s father is dying in there! We cannot call her names. We have to be nice to her,” I overhear Mrs. Valencia tell our small sixth grade class. I am in the adjoining room, alone… Read More »Breviary

Four Step Walk

The moss of dead bark fallsthrough the meadow grass,scattering red dragonflies. Bony driftwood brancheslisten to the passing cloudsand hold their breath. Sleeping love is acrescent on the sofa—clutchingyawning pages to her stomach. And the little… Read More »Four Step Walk


                 Is it true                                          that grassesgrow                                                  forever.                              Is it true                                    that stalks remember                                        the hands                             that touch                                       them, that       their roots will                               drink and                  drink                                                from soil           as though                                         the water                             would never                                  end.                Is it… Read More »Grassland