Once, you equaled my size,two hundred pounds, incompletein your cow’s womb, swimmingto Magdelena Bay, Sea of Cortez,where three tons sloshed into warm waters. Linnaeus called you Balaenoptera,the winged-whale. Your fin-wings,like my hands, sans opposable thumb. Your… Read More »Blue

Two Poems

Horseshoe Trail  Deep, coal-black, thicklike buttercream frosting,this soil—hides layers of fossil floor, a cake baked with seashellspetrified trees—in dreams I still bury my face in it, smell sediment of childhood sojourns:Farrell’s pond, Paradise Place, the Old Quarrysurrounded by maple… Read More »Two Poems

Two Poems

Zero Waste In the dining room,prominently displayed, there’s a hardback book titled,Silo: The Zero Waste Blueprint. Behind a wall,the turkey vultureshave been at it again:beaks and talons tearingtrash bags openfrom bursting, overstuffed bins.  The only cook… Read More »Two Poems

Three Poems

Someday I’ll love Bryan Liu After Frank O’Hara / After Roger Reeves / After Ocean Vuong without exception, yet apologizing,until every page is full  of last-minute dinner reservations for one. I swear I will feed us … Read More »Three Poems

Two Poems

The Fruit Bowl in My Dreams Thick palette knife strokes. Wet and shiny. I paint the still life of a fruit bowl in my dreams: plump cherries,patches of blue mold on an orange, grapes, limp and… Read More »Two Poems

Two Coastal Episodes

COASTAL EPISODE #2 Morning sea-mist thick on the cove.Slowly the sun glows softly brighter, minutes pass.  The milky white thins, the outline of the coast imperceptibly emerges, veiled awakening.   Ridge pines silhouette,vapor pales into its own vanishing.Iridescence gleamson the… Read More »Two Coastal Episodes

Planetary Pardons

In the spring, I lean into the blossoms of a Texas mountain laureland inhale the grape Kool-Aid scentof childhood memories.  The forests stand no chance against our buzzing saws but instead offer us rings, intricate etchings of their storiesand… Read More »Planetary Pardons