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Someday I’ll love Bryan Liu // Giovanni, // now it looks like we just made out     Bryan Liu     poetry

Room for Ghosts     Damieka Thomas     creative nonfiction

Linoleum Daydreams // A Violation of Sorrow // I Hope the Rapture Took Her in Time     Timothy Miller     poetry

Zero Waste // Give Yourself a Little Space     Alexander Matthews     poetry

The Waiting     Susan Lundgren     fiction

California Quail     Pamela Bordisso     poetry

Blue     Donald Shephard     poetry

Settled for Fitful     Aron Lee Bowe     creative nonfiction

Planetary Pardons     Lauren Oertel     poetry

The Fruit Bowl in My Dreams // In the Wheat Fields     Jes Wright     poetry

My Heartbreak     Marion Deeds     fiction

Winter Sculpting     Marlis Manley Broadhead     poetry

Horseshoe Trail // The Hills     Karin Uphoff     poetry

I Am Not Your Juxtaposition     Kaitlin Harness     creative nonfiction

Two Coastal Episodes     John Allen Cann     poetry

My Hula Girl     Tom Adams     fiction